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Graphic Design & Portfolio

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Graphic Design Information & Portfolio

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Branding Packages

Professional and affordable corporate identity branding for your company. Starter package starting at $399.00. Hallo Graphics branding packages are beautifully designed and customized to suit all different kinds of businesses and start-ups. Company logo, business card, and letterhead are included in our graphic branding package.

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Marketing Materials

We create the following marketing materials: business cards, brochures, door hangers, pamphlets, flyers, packaging, and posters. We work closely with our client to create corporate logos and other marketing materials resulting in a product that satisfies our clients and their graphic design needs.

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Graphic Design Production

We provide the first draft within 2 business days and thereafter each update should take no longer than 24 business hours for your review. Most logo projects usually take 1 to 3 weeks from start to finish depending on design modifications and how quickly you can provide feedback on the design concepts.

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Examples of graphics designed by Hallo Graphics over the years.


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Graphic Designs

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